Tyler's Story 

From Tragedy to Triumph

In the beginning of 2019, my beloved brother, Tyler was driving home from work on his motorcycle and was hit by someone who blew through a stop sign under the influence of alcohol. He was rushed to the hospital, where he had surgery the next morning. They said His pelvic bone "opened up like a book". Upon impact of the accident, his whole body flew over the vehicle fracturing his pelvic bone. One of the comments that the Physicians made was that most people in cases similar to Tyler's do not make it to the hospital alive. He said that He was very "lucky" and should go to Vegas. What is amazing is the blessing of the Lord strong and mighty having his hand upon His life, because his story isn't over, God has Glorious in store, Jeremiah 29:11 a hope and future for Tyler! He has still felt constant pain in his hands and feet from the accident, that may have damaged his nerves, fluid build up, and it is also difficult for him to stand long. The specialists said he would just have to "push through the pain". I thank God for His precious  promise upon Tyler's life that I stand firm in. Jeremiah 17:14 That says O Lord Save me and I will be saved, heal me and I will be healed for you are my Praise! I am believing for God's amazing healing, provision, and more! I serve a God of abundance! I believe that what the enemy meant for harm, God will turn for good because it is the enemy that comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life and life abundantly!!  I am believe no more pain in Jesus name! This is a very condensed version of my brother's story and challenges. To Tyler, I love you bro and I truly believe that your latter end is better than the beginning and the Lord has such an amazing plan to live out with you. You remind me a little of Jospeh a man of dreams, the dreams you have talked about inspire me to dream big with the Lord because I so believe that it is God's desire for us to dream so big that we cannot possibly accomplish it without Him! I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for Turning my brother's Tragedy into Triumph, I believe!! 

Joyfully His!

Makayla Nicole

Due to the specifics we have had little financial assistance for Tyler's medical expenses for his past and ongoing care. If you feel led to donate, give towards my brother's medical expenses, to purchase an item, or stand with us in faith praying, I thank you so very much, I ask that God bless you abundantly. Please feel free to leave a prayer or word of encouragement below :)


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